Hull – Ferens Art Gallery (Fun Bag by Victoria Sin)

Not being the sharpest knife in the drawer at times, I don’t always get what modern art, or indeed other mediums such as performance art, is trying to tell me. So, it’s helpful to have the gallery provide some context and meaning to an artwork.

And, I quote:

“Here they combine everyday objects to create a work that questions the representation of women in the media”.

OK, I’m not quite getting that message, but it’s an important one and I like it. But, this artwork had somewhat perkier balloons at one stage, so I’m guessing that the artist is trying to suggest that the slow withering away of the balloons is equivalent to the challenges which females have when they age.

But it probably means something else, and judging from what others have written about it, I’m confident that it does and it’s something wider about sexuality. However, since it made me think, that’s a win for the artwork….. And there’s one nice element about art, everyone can have their own interpretations of works, even though mine are usually wrong.