Harwich – The Fish House


This was the best rated fish and chip shop that I could find in Harwich and also one that was open during the day. I was also pleased when I arrived to note that there was a small seating area, which meant that I didn’t have to brave the unbarred rolling plains of Harwich with its potentially aggressive herd of seagulls.


They had quite a stock of items already cooked, the chicken pieces were quite tempting, but I went with a medium chips and large battered sausage. The service was welcoming and friendly, with the environment feeling inviting and clean. The shop has a few negative reviews for not taking cards, but they certainly take them now so that must be a recent innovation.


Goodness knows what meat the sausage was made from, but it was neither decadent or particularly interesting. The batter was a little soft and flavourless, so there wasn’t much to be said for that sausage effort although adding plenty of vinegar improved things somewhat. The chips portion was too big for me and I didn’t finish it, although that’s obviously not a complaint. Perfectly decent chips, quite thick cut with a firm exterior and a fluffy interior, they were more exciting than the sausage element. It would have felt wrong not to have visited the seaside and then not purchased some chips, even though I felt a little exhausted for the rest of the afternoon.