Gorleston – Dr. Kenneth Hamilton-Deane

Gorleston is one of those towns which seems to be quite enthusiastic about the number of blue plaques which it puts up. That seems a marvellous idea to me, it’s far better to have too much history than not enough. Great Yarmouth Local History and Archaeological Society are the organisation responsible for these plaques, and there are many others located around Gorleston and Great Yarmouth.

An electoral roll register from 1925, showing that Hamilton-Deane lived at number 225, High Street, Gorleston. This was also known as Surbiton Lodge, although it has since been demolished and replaced by some rather less impressive looking flats.

The plaque indicates that Hamilton-Deane practised medicine here from 1923 until 1985, which makes him one of the longest serving GPs in the country. Above is the doctor’s entry in Kelly’s Directory from 1937, when his surgery was known as Deane & Perry.

There’s more about him and his life at http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/exceptional-gorleston-doctor-william-hamilton-deane-honoured-with-plaque-1-1068846.