Glasgow – Pavement

Whilst randomly walking about in Glasgow, I noticed that this bar cafe type set-up had very good reviews, so I thought that I’d pop in for food and drinks. I wasn’t entirely sure what kind of set-up this would be, but actually it’s a really informal place which has managed to become what I would call on-trend without doing anything formulaic. They’ve instead focused on excellent customer service, a thoughtful craft beer selection and decent food. That to me is a winning combination.

As I’m a slight idiot, I tried to order a half of a beer that was actually served in a can. Force of habit and I must admit that I didn’t really pay a huge amount of attention to the options as I was just taken with having a raspberry sour.

I was very pleased to discover when the can that was brought over that it’s from the excellent Põhjala brewery in Estonia. I’ve had several of their beers, including the Must Kuld and the Must Kuld Chilli & Chocolate, both at the Artichoke in Norwich. I thought that this was a rather decent raspberry sour with a rich and not overpowering flavour with quite an acidic aftertaste that wasn’t unpleasant. Nice, and a reminder that I want to go to Estonia….

It transpired that I had entered 12 minutes before they were taking last orders for food. I try to avoid doing that as not to annoy kitchens, but since I had got this far and the staff were friendly, I ordered anyway.

The fish and chips were excellent, with a soft and light batter which I’m more used to getting on the European mainland. I also appreciated the generous portion of lemon, as sometimes the slither offered really is quite pointless. There was nothing greasy, everything tasted of a good quality and was cooked appropriately, so I was entirely satisfied. The menu wasn’t overly large, which I see as a positive, with a  variety of specials as well.

The customer service here is also personable and attentive, so the environment feels comfortable and welcoming. I can see why the reviews are so positive, this is a really managed and run bar with a slightly continental feel that I really like. Given their prominent position in Merchant City, and next door to Brewdog, I did wonder if this was operated by a large company but it transpires that it’s a family run business. All really lovely.