GeoGuessr – St. Osyth (The Village Sign)

This is part of the GEOGUESSR 1 series of posts.

The St. Osyth village (or town) sign, installed to mark the silver jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. There are four items featured on the sign and I can’t work one of them out.

TOP-LEFT is St. Osyth herself, also known as St. Osgyth, who was a saint who lived in the seventh century AD. There is a story that when she was beheaded she then picked up her own head before walking to a local convent and then collapsing there in safety. I say safety, but she was already dead, so there was perhaps little need to be safe.

TOP-RIGHT is a bird. I have no idea why.

BOTTOM-LEFT is one I had to think about for a while, but the key represents St. Peter and the sword represents St. Paul. This puzzled me until I remembered that the town’s church is dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul.

BOTTOM-RIGHT is the town’s priory.

I hope I work out that bird one, or perhaps Nathan knows since he was there, he was probably paying more attention to the clues that there were no doubt there to be solved.