GeoGuessr 2 – Summary


So, this is now the summary given that GeoGuessr 2 has been completed. In short, we’re just using GeoGuessr to get a random location in the UK (there are some rules we’ve set regarding this, but pretty much anywhere) and we’re then going there. The aim of these adventures, if there is one, is to show that whatever random location we get that there’s a story to be told about the local area. Our first trip was to St. Osyth in Essex, the second, this one, was to Wolseley Bridge in Staffordshire.

I’d say that this was another trip which showed that there was plenty of history to be found, although unlike with St. Osyth, we spent more time in the local area rather than Wolseley Bridge itself. We did though go to three pubs in Rugeley, as well as a fish & chip shop, pubs in Bloxwich and also in Birmingham. We also had the ridiculously good fortune to get a pub as our GeoGuess2 location (or at least, a few feet away), which was the Wolseley Arms.

Below are the individual posts from the weekend, which contain a little less history than the trip to St. Osyth. We also never got round to doing any video, but we’ll try that on the next one. We do know where the next location is (we do that when we reach the random point that we were given by GeoGuessr last time), but that can be a surprise for everyone else for a while longer (not that I imagine that anyone will lose any sleep over that). The walk to the actual location was a little muddier than we’d have ideally liked, but that just all adds to the adventure and the excitement. And, although I didn’t dare say it at the time, Nathan sliding down a muddy bank was one of the highlights.

Other highlights include the Vine Inn in Rugeley, the ridiculous amount of chips at the Jolly Fryer in Rugeley and the wonderful pubs in Birmingham including the Pint Shop and the Head of Steam. Not to mention the trip to Bloxwich and the history we found there. We learned a lot about Staffordshire and also about Birmingham, ticking off several pubs in the Good Beer Guide along the way.

And, one of those nice moments was on the train to Rugeley. We had spoken to a lady on the Megabus from Norwich to Birmingham, and then it transpired we sat opposite her on the train from Birmingham to Rugeley. Bearing in mind we didn’t get the first train to Rugeley, as we had Greggs to get, the chance of that seemed a little remote. And she also managed to guess that we chose a destination which was entirely random, even though we hadn’t at that stage given many clues of that. It was all destiny   🙂

And, about the name of the weekend, which was I don’t want blood on my carrot. I gave Nathan a housewarming present of a carrot (I was given a carrot, which seemed superfluous to my life) which he was very excited about. He was planning to eat it, but failing that, he could share it with his rabbit. Anyway, I nearly sliced my finger open on the train (fortunately it didn’t really cut through the skin) and there was a joint effort to ensure that no blood fell onto Nathan’s present…… We succeeded, and either Nathan or his rabbit got the carrot as it arrived back into Norwich safely.

Finally below, the individual posts I made about the weekend:

INDEX (NB, these are reverse order, so the first post is at the bottom)

Birmingham to Norwich Megabus

Birmingham (Ibis Birmingham Bordesley Circus)

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery (Crossing the Sands by David Cox)

Birmingham (Nathan on Sign)

Birmingham (Bacchus Bar)

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery (Debtors’ Prison Door)

Birmingham (Head of Steam)

Birmingham (Pint Shop)

Birmingham (Birmingham Cathedral)

Birmingham (Canals)

Birmingham (Primark)

Bloxwich (Bloxwich Railway Station)

Bloxwich (Bloxwich Showman)

Bloxwich (Tom Major-Ball)

Rugeley (Rugeley Town Railway Station)

Rugeley (The Vine Inn)

Rugeley (Bus Stop Gate)

Rugeley (The Jolly Fryer)

Rugeley (Rusty Barrel)

Colwich Milestone

Wolseley Arms

Walking to the Location

Rugeley (The Plaza)

London Northwestern Railway Train to Rugeley Town

It’s All About the Greggs

And We’re Off (Norwich to Birmingham Megabus)