Gdansk Group Trip – Day 4 (PINTA in Sopot)


We got the bus from Oliwa to Sopot and I was in a mood for most of it as it was too bloody hot. The buses in the city need better air conditioning.


I couldn’t believe how fortunate it was that the bus stop I got everyone to get off at was nearby to PINTA in Sopot, what a lovely coincidence. Given that, it seemed only sensible to stop for food and drink.


I went in to order whilst the others perused the menu outside. We were going in anyway, I wasn’t intending the group to even think about it, but fortunately they loyally marched in soon enough.


It wasn’t the busiest on a Saturday lunchtime, but I’m sure that it’s much busier in the evening. It’s an outpost of the impeccable and exciting PINTA brewery (arguably the first craft brewer in the country), with their Warsaw location being one of my favourite places in the country’s capital city.


The board of decadent and delicious drinks.


This is part of the Risfactor series of drinks brewed by PINTA and I have to confess that I pinched some of Richard’s beer as I only realised after I had ordered that I hadn’t had this one. It’s Cocoa Nibs and Roasted Peanuts and it was smooth and rich with dollops of peanut flavour. Beautiful and a good choice from Richard.


The Kwas Xy, a Catharina sour and I had to look that up, but it’s a strong Berliner Weisse which in this case has been loaded with tropical fruit. A very decent beer, although not as much as going on in terms of the flavour as I’d ideally like.


Richard was pleased with his sizeable pear and blue cheese salad. Ross ordered last and was impatiently waiting for his food to be available at the little hatch where we had to collect it.


The drink at the back left is the Kwas Jota, a particularly sour sour which had strong flavours of red and black currants, I liked this. The burger was served a little pink even for me, but tasted of a decent quality and complemented the sours nicely.

The server was helpful, the environment was clean and the beer list was well curated. I’m not sure why Sopot has been treated to an outpost of PINTA, but I hope they realise that they’ve very fortunate in having such an excellent bar available to them. The on-line reviews are positive and the bar doesn’t seem to have been open for that long judging by the relatively few reviews. The prices were towards the higher end of the scale, but the quality of the beer in my mind justifies this.