Folkestone Museum

Folkestone Museum is located in the same building as the town’s tourist information office.

They discovered forty bodies when building a wider road in the early twentieth century, and the skeleton of one is on display (that’s not really the right word, but that’s what it effectively is) in the basement. It’s a female who is aged around thirty to forty.

The Bouverie Shield, which was fixed above the entrance to the old Town Hall until it was replaced with a larger building in 1858. The shield is the family arms of the Pleydell and Bouverie families and is in surprisingly good condition, other than the damaged fixing on the left hand side.

This cinema was only open for a few years, apparently (I know this because there was a sign telling me) it closed as there were numerous pillars in the way of the screen. I can imagine that this isn’t an ideal state of affairs for a cinema….

The formal clothing of the Mayor…

A rather lovely little museum, clearly laid out and nicely thought through. It’s a relatively small size, but it is free of charge and the staff were friendly and helpful.