Canterbury – Bottle Shop

The Bottle Shop is located in the Goods Shed next to Canterbury West railway station, in a former railway building.

The market is full of fresh produce and sellers of speciality products, in what is really a middle class environment that is a little alien to me. I’m used to Greggs and JD Wetherspoons, not locations which sell organic turnips. Anyway, it’s a nice environment and it feels like something a little different.

The exterior of the building, which I initially found a little confusing in its layout, but that’s mostly because I’m an idiot.

The Bottle Shop is a very well reviewed part of the Goods Shed, a location which sells a range of craft beers. They advertise a wide range of beers and I’m not sure that there is that much choice. Anyway, the deal is that this outlet sells a range of craft beer products for takeaway or to consume in the market hall.

The service – well, that’s impeccable. The staff member didn’t demur when I asked for a cheap dark beer, and he offered appropriate recommendations. I ignored some of the more expensive options, but only because I’d tried the ones he suggested from the Left Hand Brewery in Colorado. I know that brewery relatively well, and its beer are awesome and wonderfully rich in taste.

So, after much debate, I opted for this. This was £5.25, so way over what I’d usually pay and this is into the middle class territory occupied by Mr. Hensley of Norwich bar billiard fame. But, there’s an incredible richness and depth of flavour. I’m not a huge fan of peanut butter, but the smoothness is notable and it’s a clean taste. It’s from the Belching Beaver Brewery in Oceanside, California, and it’s part of the United States that I know well. It’s nearing perfection.

As a location, this is interesting. They offer table service in the evening and the friendliness of the staff member was excellent. For anyone waiting for a train at Canterbury West railway station, it’s worth a little meander down here.