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EDF’s Dash for Cash

[I’m pleased to say that EDF have now resolved this to my satisfaction, although they made it very hard to do so…..]

And a personal rant, but since it’s my blog I’m allowed….

My electricity usage is low, it’s fair to say. For the best part of ten years I’ve been paying British Gas about £10 to £13 per month and all was well. I stupidly switched to EDF, who don’t burden themselves with competence, because I greedily wanted to claim a £50 joining fee. Anyway, they charged me £13 per month for electricity as well, so all remained well.

To cut a long story short, they didn’t read my meter when they said they did, so I had an estimated read and a big bill. We’ll ignore why they told me they had read the meter, but there’s another long story of incompetence there.

They’ve now produced a new bill with my actual meter read that I sent them. My electricity usage is £53.51 from March to October 2021 (thrifty eh?) including standing charge and usage. That’s not per month, that’s in total.

That means that my annual usage is going to come in at around £120 per year, probably slightly less.

How much have EDF decided, with this new bill taken into account, to charge me per month? They’ve gone for £133 per month, so over ten times my actual usage. I don’t know whether they think I have a huge Christmas party for the entire neighbourhood where everyone plugs in lots of devices or am planning to start a cannabis farm or something. Although on a more serious note, reckless actions like this can push people into severe financial hardship and it looks to me like a desperate dash for cash from EDF.

Pretty unimpressed….