Leicester – Travelodge Leicester Central

Not to be confused with the nearby, new and what I consider to be the inadequate Travelodge Leicester City Centre, this hotel is older and I think that it’s much more functional and welcoming. Some of the public areas need something of a refurbishment (particularly the carpets in the corridors), but the staff were friendly and helpful.

The view from my room, perhaps not the most exotic and decadent. However, the window opened and there was a fan in the room, which is all that I need to control the temperature to suit my needs.

The room, all to brand standard. Perhaps not entirely spotless, but clean enough. They’re using sheets on the bed rather than duvets, although the duvet is in a bag in the corner.

One of the older style Travelodges which still has a bath rather than just a shower. I liked this hotel and it’s moderately well reviewed, although there are a fair few comments about the rooms needing modernisation. Some people don’t like the lack of air conditioning, but I’m not sure that that will ever be the preserve of the budget hotel, it can’t be a cheap thing to implement and maintain in every room. I didn’t encounter any noise issues internally, and I rather liked hearing the city itself when opening the windows, I don’t really like being hermetically sealed into a room. Apparently there’s sometimes a nightclub open nearby, which I can’t imagine is ideal for some guests, although it wouldn’t annoy me.

I noted the review that said:

“The reception didn’t let me in, and the two ladies at the reception was very rude to me. So she rang the police, and the police had arrived and I had been escorted out, and the police brought back my items from the room.”

I’d very much like to hear the other side of that story, it sounds intriguing. Unfortunately, Travelodge have got bored of replying to reviews over the last couple of years (although before then they were generic responses which added little value anyway), so there’s not much that can be ascertained here.

Anyway, this was a reasonably priced night and I’d stay here again, especially as it’s usually the cheaper of the two Travelodges in the city.