Dereham – Dereham Library

After my failed visit to Swaffham Library, I was pleased to see the council have bothered to open Dereham Library. So, I thought I’d look at the Pevsner here to see what I’d missed in Swaffham. I was moderately confused as to why they have the London North West guide in Dereham, but the Norwich & North-East makes more sense. Although, it doesn’t cover Swaffham or Dereham, that’s the North-West and South Norfolk book, which Dereham library should have. So, I check the on-line catalogue and there is a copy in Dereham, which pleases me.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, a very friendly and helpful member of library staff ponders where this book is. We’ve concluded someone has pinched it as they can’t find it either. Anyone reading something as wonderful as Pevsner should not be stealing it!

But, just bloody marvellous…. (although to be fair to the very helpful staff member, they did offer to get a replacement copy sent to Dereham library for future visitors).