Day 5

Day 5 – Summary

DAY FIVE – Hawes to Ingleton

As mentioned in the day four summary, we’ve been unable to complete a technical coast to coast due to flooding. So that meant we’ve changed our route for the final two days, this time to take in more of the Yorkshire Dales and several more pubs.

The day started in Hawes and we actually got chance to do a walk around the town itself, visiting the church, the former railway station, the Quakers’ graveyard and some other sites. It’s been nice to actually do some walking distance around tourist sites like these, we’ve missed them due to wanting to get on with our pre-defined route.

We then decided to visit every pub and cafe on the route between Hawes and Ingleton, a lovely treat for us both. Nothing like real ale to rewards us with our bravery, and we saw some lovely parts of the Yorkshire Dales.

The evening is in a camping pod, which is some posh camping for a change as carrying tents around is no fun (we’ve tried that before). I shall update the blog with more photos and the evening’s entertainment later on   🙂

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