Day 2

Day 2 – Summary

DAY TWO – Kirkbymoorside to Thirsk

27.2 miles

The first day was tough going and the second day was even tougher going. We’ve now walked just short of 60 miles over the two days, which is very brave indeed. How our feet will cope with tomorrow’s 26 miles I’m not entirely sure…..

Today started with a breakfast at the hotel which was very nutritious and healthy, and we made sure that we got some chocolate from the Spar. Liam irritated me with his entire lack of bedside manner to my toe. He was meant just to put a dressing on it, but instead he prods the toe hard and yanks a bit of bandage clumsily around the toe. To be honest, he seemed entirely  uninterested at my predicament. I hid my mood very well.

We got walking and Liam’s expert navigation soon found us in a wooded bog. We discovered that the ford couldn’t be traversed as it resembled the River Thames. I could see Liam looking at it deciding how we were going to cross, but I just looked cross and so we decided to take a detour. This detour involved going up “a small slope”.

To define what we climbed as a “small slope” was nothing short of ridiculous. It would have been easier to climb the bloody Eiger than what Liam defined as “easy”. On this occasion I didn’t hide my anger and made quite clear that this was bloody impossible. Liam tried to calm me down by offering to carry my bag. I accepted this offer, although was still grumpy at the whole set of arrangements which had led up to this.

After 90 minutes I had calmed down and we walked alongside a lovely main road for an hour. That was delightful. We entered the town of Helmsley which was rather lovely, and I treated myself to crisps and a Dr. Pepper. That Dr. Pepper was my treat throughout the afternoon, a few small sips at a time.

We then had an afternoon walking through the forest, which was a bit never ending. We walked by some stepping stones where Dylan and Leon had been, which made me feel like they were there. i then had to climb over a gate as the ground was boggy.

We then we into Bagby, which is important to me as it’s where I stopped when we tried this walk before (the other way round, so from Morecambe to Scarborough). So from thereon in, this is all territory that I’ve walked. A friendly guy with a kid asked us about our trip, no doubt curious why two people were marching into Bagby as it was getting dark (by marching I mean more shuffling in at 1.2 mph).

The walk into Thirsk took bloody hours, and we finished quite a chunk behind when we ideally wanted to be. It’s a night in a Wetherspoons and the hotel is lovely, the room huge and it’s a delight to be back in the warm. Not sure that I’ll want to leave the room in the morning.

So tired there are no photos for today, I’ll try and upload those in the morning. I hope though that this blog inspires other people not to try such bloody stupid challenges.





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