Cambridge – King Street Run


Our decision (more my decision than Ross’s to be fair) to come to this pub was a little random and primarily as it was nearby to a Good Beer Guide listed pub, I hadn’t realised at the time that this is one of the venues that Nathan has got one of his funny stories about. Probably best that I don’t put it on this blog, just ask about it when playing bar billiards is probably the optimal strategy…..


There was a friendly welcome and the interior felt like it was a suitably cosy venue. Evidently the pub doesn’t want to take itself too seriously with the “free air guitars for customers” and I like that style. The pub name itself is part of that theme, as the King Street Run was a mainly student led tradition where they had a pint in eight pubs without using the facilities. Such frivolity has long since gone, but students still form their own versions of the tradition to suit their needs.


I didn’t comment for long on the choice of drink Ross made. Well, for no more than a couple of minutes anyway.


They only had one real ale, which was Doom Bar and that didn’t excite or delight me, so I went for a Blue Moon.


Despite the brewer’s best efforts to remind publicans to ensure the drink was served with an orange, including printing that on the glass, the orange was missing. I accept this isn’t actually a problem to me, but it’s part of the drink’s theatre and I’m not sure why a pub would choose to sell this beer and then mis-serve it.


It’s very much a sports pub, with football showing and pool, darts and other similar equipment dotted around the venue, not least a bar billiards table.

Although it seemed quite student led, I quite liked the whole arrangement and it was better than I had anticipated when we entered, although also much quieter than I had expected. I can imagine it’s quite a vibrant atmosphere when live sports are being shown, but it was certainly peaceful enough during our visit. I wouldn’t recommend coming here for real ale or craft beer, but it’s interesting enough and maybe one day there will be a plaque on the wall noting Nathan’s acrobatics here.