Cambridge – Brewdog

This was the next pub that my friend Nathan and I popped to after visiting the Maypole, and this is the centrally located Brewdog that I’ve visited before. I thought that this was one of the better bars in their chain when I visited before, with everything on this trip being well managed so I don’t have much need to change my view about that.

There was a short wait whilst we were greeted at the front door, where customers are asked to wait. They were encouraging customers to order at the bar rather than using the app, so we did that. There was a decent selection of options, with a range of beer styles being listed there including sours and darker options.

Although the downstairs area looked quite busy, the upstairs was anything but, so I found us a table with a plug so we could keep our phones charged. This is important when your rail tickets are on your phones…..

This is the one third of the Carachino from Mad Squirrel Brewery, although it clearly isn’t, it was another Brewdog mispour. They’re managing to do this on around half of my visits, but I refuse to condemn their heavy handedness as it means more free beer….. As a drink, this was another beautifully decadent one, just suited to my tastes of an imperial stout (it weighs in with an ABV of 8%) with tastes of caramel. It was like drinking liquid Cadbury’s Caramel, although my comment about the rabbit from the advertising campaign was lost on Nathan. There was a full body, beautifully smooth taste of caramel and that rich flavour lingered beautifully. Sometimes these flavours can be dulled when drinking more than a third of a beer, but this one remained gorgeously decadent until the end. Very nice.

Anyway, service in the bar was fine, it was clean and everything felt organised and well managed. No negatives and this remains one of my favourite Brewdog outlets in the chain.