Bucharest Trip – Day 2 : Martin Luther and Jean Calvin Sculpture


This sculpture in Sala Palatului Park seemed intriguing, it was put here on 4 May 2022 to commemorate the lives of Martin Luther and Jean Calvin. This made me ponder the history of Protestantism in Romania and it does seem to have made something of an impact in the country during the sixteenth century. This has all become a little redundant as the Orthodox Church rules pretty much supreme here, but one of the reasons of the sculpture being here is that it marks the tolerance of all religious beliefs. Although, the whole switch to the Orthodox Church is interesting here, pretty much starting during the 1866 Constitution of Romania which made it the country’s prominent religion. That constitution was not particularly tolerant, as it prevented non-Christians from becoming citizens, although at the time this predominantly impacted the Jewish community.


The Martin Luther (1483-1546) side.


And the Jean Calvin (1509-1564) side.