Bucharest Trip – Day 1 : Bucharest Airport Bus to City Centre


Despite having done this journey in February 2020, I’ve completely forgotten everything about it. Anyway, if either of my loyal blog readers are making this journey, purchasing a bus ticket is easy by using the machine next to the bus stop. They’ve made everything about this quite simple to be fair, with the machine accepting card or cash. It’s the 783 service and I think you can also purchase the ticket on board from the same machine that validates tickets.


And it’s a good job that I did purchase a ticket in advance, as just before the bus set off the inspectors came on wanting to see the tickets of every passenger. One was allowed to purchase a ticket immediately who owned up, but another looked like they were being fined. It adds a slight modicum of extra interest to this post anyway, although I’m setting the bar low with an entire post about a bus journey to the city centre.


Another one of my crystal clear photos of the bus driving off after leaving me near my hotel. It takes around 30 minutes to get to the city centre from the airport.

Here’s the somewhat better photo that Steve had taken the night before. This blog content gets ever more fascinating…. Or something like that.