British Airways and Nuremberg

Copyright British Airways

Another day, another British Airways press release….. OK, two in two days, but I haven’t posted one for ages and I’m quite pleased by this announcement that the airline is flying to Nuremberg later this year.

Pinched from the airline’s press release:

“Flights to this European city will initially operate four times a week from March 27. The schedule will then increase to six flights per week schedule starting from 1 May 2022 and four times a week over the winter months. The airline has conveniently timed winter flights so that customers can connect to and from other destinations across British Airways’ route network, including services to the US.

British Airways’ return flights to Nuremberg will start from £69 in Euro Traveller and £202 in Club Europe. Or customers can use Avios as part payment, £59 plus 1,000 Avios or £72 plus 24,500 Avios* in Euro Traveller and Club Europe respectively.”

This is interesting as I wanted to go to Nuremberg, it’s an area of Germany that I haven’t been to before. If there are suitably low prices available, I like the sound of this flight and it will be departing from Heathrow T3, the home of the various Oneworld airport lounges.

One slightly negative element is that last year British Airways announced they were starting two new summer flights to Poland, including Gdansk, which obviously hardly got off the ground (excuse the pun) because of the health situation, and I was hoping they’d increase their Polish flight options this year again. But perhaps there’s still time yet.