Bremen – Übersee Museum (Storage Collection)

This museum, literally The Museum of Overseas, is located near to the central railway station and I had expected my visit to take around an hour. However, the museum was rather larger than I had realised, so that became a visit of nearer to four hours.

This post just relates to the storage area they have in a separate building, which is attached via a walkway. This part of the museum will over three floors, each with multiple areas and rooms. I’m not sure that many other visitors to the museum knew about this section, since I didn’t see one other person in the storage area.


A fluffy Sumatran tiger.

Snakes. So many snakes. Thousands of them, and they’re all dead. Which are much less scary.


Display after display…. I think it’s an excellent idea, the National Railway Museum in York does something similar. It means that substantial parts of the collection are visible to the public, whilst still having properly curated displays in the main museum.