Bremen – Vapiano

Vapiano were my favourite European fast food chain for a while, although I keep forgetting to go to them. Their expansion seems to have slowed down a little, but there’s a centrally located one in Bremen so it seemed an easy place to visit. The welcome offered seemed genuinely friendly, with the staff member being personable and explaining her favourite dishes.

Vapiano have an interesting ordering system that they give you a payment card when you enter, then you just go up to different counters to order pizza, pasta, salad, drinks or desserts. It’s all very efficient and makes it easy and quick to order additional items at any time. They also grow herbs in trays that you can take from to add to your food at the table.

It’s not the nicest looking pizza with the toppings all over the place and it’s not very precisely cut. However, it tasted rather lovely, particularly with the crispy base and the toppings were also of a decent quality.

A little blueberry cheesecake and there are also free gummy bears at the desk for when customers leave.