Bremen – Cathedral Museum

Located within Bremen Cathedral is a rather lovely museum, for which they make no charge for entry.

There are numerous climate controlled areas in the museum which display old vestments and clothing worn by Bishops at the cathedral. Some of this dates to as early as the twelfth century and it’s surprising that so much has remained relatively undamaged.

Another Lutheran Bible with what appear to be original boards, dating to 1710.

This iron key was used at the Cathedral between 1556 and 1638.

A rather beautiful book, which is a a Lutheran Bible which dates to the seventeenth century, with book experts perhaps able to note if they look carefully that there is some slight fire damage.

This is a Catholic Bible that was used in Mainz, originally printed in 1662.

This mitre is one of the examples that dates back to the twelfth century, with traces of what was once no doubt bright gold still visible.

The interior of the museum has some rather decorative wall paintings which are original.