Bremen – 1885 Die Burger

I remember going to Blaze Pizza in Pasadena in January and they had a set-up where you order pizza in a Subway style. They’re not the only ones doing it, but they did it well with excellent customer service and a high quality product.

Well, here is the German version, but with burgers. And it’s quite excellent, with the staff being really welcoming and engaging.

Whilst waiting, you can try the various sauces for free. The bacon mayo was of Greggs standard, world class.

I arrived just before 12 so it was understandably quiet, but I think it’s a generally busy restaurant judging from the reviews.

The counters where you can choose which items you want in the burger.

The finished product. I asked for the burger to be medium and perhaps it verged towards well done, but it was still tender with lots of flavour. The bacon mayo was evident in the burger and the roll had lots of texture to add to the whole meal. Crispy fries and a generous portion of mayo to go along with them. And, when paying, they give out free packs of Skittles.

Spotlessly clean restaurant, friendly staff and excellent food, I hope they go on to open more than the two restaurants in Germany that they currently have.