Brandon – LDWA Walk

Today was a little 17-mile walk that I led for the LDWA, although due to circumstances beyond my control, it turned out at 16 miles. The circumstances beyond my control were that unusually I didn’t make any mistakes, I had assumed my incompetence would add one mile on at least….. Although I did manage to miss the mausoleum, which was slightly unfortunate.

Anyway, 17 people turned up and all went well (or at least as well as can be expected for my unreccied walks) and there are some random landscape photos below.

The walk started in Brandon and went through to Brandon County Park, which was the first toilet stop. I felt sorry for the electrician who had at that moment started to fix a light inside the male toilet entrance, and then faced a queue of ten people wanting to go in. The walk then went to High Lodge, the Forestry Commission site, and then onto the abandoned village of Santon.

We visited a couple of churches as well, I shall blog about those separately, these were All Saints Church in Santon and St. Mary the Virgin in Santon Downham. I’ll put photos of people, and a photo of an adder warning sign, on the Norfolk & Suffolk LDWA blog in due course   🙂