Berlin – Burger Zimmer XVI

I felt that I deserved a reward after my morning of river walking (walking alongside it, not in or on it), with this burger restaurant being well reviewed. My first impressions were positive in terms of the cleanliness and interior, but I was slightly concerned that the staff didn’t seem to be ready and nothing was turned on.

However, my concerns weren’t warranted on this occasion, as two staff members came over immediately, one started to cook the order and the other took payment. I had expected there to be some delay given this, but the food was brought over promptly.

The interior was smart and looked contemporary, as well as being clean.

And the burger meal, which I thought was particularly well presented. The chips were excellent, they were ridged which seem to catch more seasoning and they were also suitably salty. The portion size was generous, as was the size of the burger (although I did order the XL burger, so perhaps this was inevitable). The roll was fresh, as was the lettuce and tomato, with the burger being hot. The burger had a decent meaty taste and I thought that this whole combination for around £6.50 was very acceptable value for money.

I arrived at the restaurant at 13:00 and they’d been open for two hours by that time, so I’m assuming that they’d had a quiet morning. No other customers entered whilst I was there either, but it perhaps deserved to be busier.