Berlin – Berlin Tegel Airport BA Lounge

The BA lounge at Berlin Tegel is, as required by the airport’s layout, landside and this gives the usual limitations of having to leave in plenty of time to board. There are also no toilets in the lounge, they’re on a different floor and require a trip through Starbucks. The lounge also has a policy that visitors can’t leave items whilst visiting the toilets, although I doubt that this is particularly well enforced.

The welcome at the lounge was better than I’d usually expect, with the staff member checking if I had visited before and then offering a quick explanation of the facilities. The lounge was also clean and the staff walked around frequently checking that everything was kept well stocked.

There’s little point in BA investing in this lounge, since the entire building will be demolished in the next couple of years, so although it’s a little tired, it’s still holding up well.

Not the best of photos, but this area usually had customers in and I was trying to avoid including them which meant quickly taking a photo when I had chance.

The food and drinks bar.

An extensive selection of teas. The coffee machine also produced some decent quality coffee.

The biscuits and cakes selection.

The ice cream freezer and I did enjoy the mini tub of vanilla, latte and macchiato.

Crisps and other snacks, with olives, cold meats, cheeses, yoghurts and jams also being available. For those who preferred, there were also chocolate bars such as Twix and Bounty, as well as mini individually wrapped chocolates.

All told, this was a perfectly acceptable lounge, and it was kept clean and well presented. The food options were unexceptional, but sufficient, although the pre-packaged sandwiches which used to be stocked here seem to have been cut (cut in the no longer available sense, not cut up in smaller portions).

The staff announce to passengers when they need to leave to catch their flight, although I left earlier to try to avoid being at the end of a long queue for security. And as a little final bonus, the reception desk had small packs of Haribo available. What more could anyone want….