Athens – McDonald’s – Greek Mac

I thought I’d pop in McDonald’s once during my time in Athens, since it’s the first time that I’ve been to Greece. It wasn’t very well presented, but this is the Greek Mac, one of the items on the permanent national menu. This is one of the McDonald’s which doesn’t yet have panels from which to order and the queue was quite long, but the crew member was efficient in trying to keep everything together.

The Greek Mac comprises of two burgers in pita bread, with a yoghurt sauce, onions, lettuce and tomato. It tasted of lamb, which I try to avoid eating (I like seeing fluffy lambs in fields and feel guilty otherwise, a rather inconsistent thought process given what else I eat, but there we go) but was beef. I’ve had similar before in other countries, and it tasted fine and as I expected. Nothing exceptional, but perfectly acceptable.