Aarhus – Going for the Best Rated Burger Restaurant

As usual, I always try and start a visit to a new location with a trip to their best rated burger restaurant on TripAdvisor, usually places which are on-trend and welcoming.

The top-rated burger restaurant in Aarhus is Burger Shack, located at Frederiksgade 39, 8000. The menu is pretty simple, there’s a standard burger, a chicken burger and a vegetarian burger. They’re served either just as a burger or as a meal, and there’s the option to add bacon.

This keeping it simple makes ordering so much easier, and allows them to focus solely on their core products. The staff member also ensured that the ordering process remained easy and stress free, which is always a relief to avoid looking like an idiot.

The minimal packaging is deliberate, but the presentation is still neat and the food looks appetising. The chips have parmesan and thyme on them to add some colour and the opened out burger reveals its contents.

The burger was served medium and not well-done, which is always a personal preference. It tasted juicy and had a rich and deep flavour, with the chips being rather moreish. The addition of the thyme to the chips lifted the flavours and the interior of them were fluffy, with a crispy exterior.

The restaurant’s excellent rating on TripAdvisor is justified, the quality of the food is high and the environment is clean. It’s a small restaurant but there was a space table inside and a few more outside, but the service was quick and efficient. The strongest point of the restaurant though really was the engagement from the staff who had a positive and enthusiastic nature.