Aarhus – Cafe Nero

This cafe restaurant, located by the city’s cathedral, is well reviewed and it looked modern without feeling too formal. The staff member was busy serving customers when I entered so I tried to stand nonchalantly near a table whilst I waited, although I think I just looked like an idiot.

As prices go in Aarhus, this is a pretty affordable lunch menu. I’d like to think that I was given the Danish menu as I spoke the language so fluently, but since I didn’t speak any Danish I think it was sadly just a mistake.

There was a reasonable drinks menu, lots of wine and several beers. There was nothing exciting and dark I terms of beer, so Peroni it had to be. I managed to resist the temptation of the Newcastle Brown Ale.

The pizza was perfect, it had a slightly blackened base and was thin and crispy. The toppings weren’t overloaded and they had a fresh and clean taste. The service was beautifully efficient, an appropriate check back and prompt clearing of the wooden pizza board.

All rather lovely….