2022 US Trip – Day 31 (Trip to Skerries)


My plan for the day was to get to my hotel in Skerries, the cheapest option that I could find in the Dublin area given how expensive city centre accommodation was. That meant a tram journey to Connolly Station, previously known simply as Dublin Station, then Amiens Street Station before being given its current name in 1966 in honour of James Connolly. I liked having this seat as I felt as near to driving a tram as I was going to get, a job that is more stressful than it might seem given the number of car drivers who frequently got in its way.


Mine was the train to Drogheda and was included in my 24 hour leap card.


The interior isn’t much different from many British railway stations from the period, although it was constructed in 1844 so that isn’t entirely surprising. The train journey transpired to be mostly empty for the first section, before becoming much busier as school children boarded it to get to their destinations. They weren’t disruptive though, something I know as I fell asleep for a small portion of the journey, so I couldn’t have thought them to be too threatening.


Views over the Malahide Estuary.


It didn’t take long to go from a city centre urban environment to feeling really quite rural. More about this train service on my return journey the following day though….. (oh, the anticipation).