Zagreb – Rocket Burger

My visit to this Zagreb location in 2016 and was part of my plan to always go to the best rated pizza and burger restaurants in every city I went to. I still sort of do this, although I can sometimes get a little distracted by craft beer…. Anyway, this restaurant is still one of the best reviewed in the city, so they’re clearly doing something right.

A bright decor, with a not overly done space theme. And a panda.

That’s half a litre of Bavaria lager, which tasted like most other European fizzy lagers. Incidentally, at the time (and perhaps now) this lager was actually cheaper than the soft drinks. They did though do a few bottled beers, including some Belgian beer, which they are still offering.

The double burger was deliciously meaty (which was handy since it was meat) and had a decent flavour to it, with the chips being nice and firm on the exterior. That’s about all I can remember, but I know I liked this restaurant and its laid-back atmosphere and friendly staff. The prices were a little expensive for Zagreb, but still moderate by international standards. I’m pleased that four years on the restaurant continues to be thriving and still on-trend.