York – National Railway Museum (Memorial Plaque – Midland Railway Company)

And another exhibit in the stores of the National Railway Museum in York.

This is a memorial tablet which was presented by St. Leonard’s Church in Chapel Le Dale, commemorating those who lost their lives building the railway between Settle and Dent Head. I did ponder at first whether it was appropriate to remove it from its original location, but all is well as the sign says that a new one was installed as this one was damaged. Looking at a few photos of the church, it’s nice to see that the new tablet is visible and that the memories of those who lost their lives aren’t entirely forgotten.

The number of people who died isn’t known, although over eighty people died from a smallpox epidemic at Batty Green, which was almost a shanty town for railway construction workers. Many others died during work on the line, a spectacular piece of railway engineering which required the construction of several viaducts.