Wisbech – High Street Urban Renewal

It’s the first time that I’ve visited Wisbech for very many years, and some of the High Street is perhaps in need of some attention. Indeed, without that attention, there’s a risk bits of it might fall down.

There has been some funding provided to the town to develop a strategy to restore some of the buildings on the High Street and also to appoint a Townscape Heritage Officer. The above signage notes that they’re not trying to do too much, primarily limited by the level of funding that they have.

For buildings so close to the town’s central market, I was surprised to see these in such a poor state of repair. If the project to restore the High Street is successful, hopefully these can be restored and brought back into use for housing or retail.

The ideal has to be that Wisbech becomes a town that is wealthy enough to support two Greggs. Then they’ll know that they’ve made it.