Warsaw – Chopin Airport Preludium Lounge

The Bolero Lounge at Warsaw Airport is currently closed, with British Airways customers being asked to use this lounge instead. It’s at the other end of the terminal, but it’s not a particularly onerous walk back to the Schengen area. I had a five-minute wait or so to enter the lounge as it was at capacity, but it seemed to stay a little quieter for the rest of my visit. There might be a few extra customers at the lounge today from the BA flight, now that Poland has been removed from the travel corridor, and perhaps a few paying or Priority Pass customers from the WizzAir flight to Luton.

Everything in the lounge is now handed over by staff, rather than being self-service. It’s not perhaps ideal, but there wasn’t ever much of a wait to ask for anything. The lounge was clean and comfortable, although it doesn’t have any windows which always makes these places feel just a little forlorn. Staffing was efficient if not always entirely engaging, but I imagine the staff are growing just as tired of this situation as everyone else.

The food and drinks menus, I thought that this was quite a reasonable choice.

I couldn’t resist the chocolate and beer….. Incidentally, it’s not craft beer, but it’ll do as it’s free. Amazing how less picky I get when things are free.

The Greek salad and tuna wrap, the former of which seemed fresh and was sufficiently tasty, the latter was just a bit moist and I’m not a huge tuna fan. But, it was perfectly edible and I had no cause to complain about it.

So, it’s positive that the lounge is open and in operation, with pretty much the full food and drinks options that they had before the health crisis. I think I preferred the system at the BA lounge at Heathrow, but it’s a comfortable enough place to wait for a flight. Perhaps next time I fly from Warsaw the Bolero lounge will be open again and fully self-service, but that feels a long way off at the moment.