Warsaw – Chopin Airport Bolero Lounge

The lounge that British Airways use at Warsaw Chopin Airport is the Bolero Lounge, located in the non-Schengen section of the airport after the automated passport control. There was a friendly welcome from the staff member behind the desk when I entered and I didn’t have to wait to be given entry into the lounge as there was no queue.

The main food section of the lounge.

Some higher tables and chairs.

Fridges with soft drinks.

There was some hot food, which didn’t look too exciting. The Greek salad was though lovely, with olives on the shelf above it as well.

I had quite a chunk of the lounge’s blue cheese, but there were other types of cheese to choose from and also some cold cuts. There were also cereals, yoghurts and some wraps.



How very lovely. The lounge didn’t let me down with regards to the chocolate selection and there was a lady from the United States who was almost beside herself with excitement over the options available to her. I was quite pleased by that as she left a larger pile of empty chocolate wrappers than I did.

Since my flight was delayed by an hour, I thought I’d have one beer. I hadn’t heard of this one, it’s a Pilsner style beer brewed by Browary Lubelskie, a brewery founded in an abandoned monastery in 1844. They also make the big-selling Perła beer, which I have heard of before. The beer was fine, nothing exceptional, but it met my expectations and I hadn’t exactly expected the lounge to stock a range of craft beers to meet my ridiculously pretentious needs.

The lounge got busy during the three hours that I was in there, although it was relatively quiet when I had arrived. I found a power point to charge my devices, although there weren’t as many of these as there perhaps could have been. The staff were going around the lounge on a regular basis clearing away empty plates and glasses, so it all felt clean and organised. The toilets are also located at the rear of the lounge, so there’s no need for customers to leave and come back in.

I gained entry into the lounge as part of my BA status, although they also accept Priority Pass and similar card schemes. There’s also the opportunity for customers to buy entry, which is currently 130zl, or £26, which seems a ridiculously high price to me which goes beyond the price of some UK lounges. I suspect that people might be best to spend their £26 in the range of airport restaurants, but each to their own….

There aren’t any announcements made in the lounge, but there were plenty of screens and it transpired that it was just a five-minute walk to the gate for my BA flight. The lounge was generally peaceful other than for some idiot doing rounds of the lounge whilst talking loudly into his phone, I suspect so that people could hear how important he was. I didn’t credit him with more general awareness, so I doubted that he realised that people were making their own visible and audible opinions on him behind his back.

Anyway, a peaceful and clean lounge, and I’d happily come back here for a few hours if I fly back from Warsaw Chopin Airport in the future. All very lovely.