Waltham Cross

Waltham Cross – Moon and Cross

I last came here in May 2004, I remember it as I was staying nearby for my pub licencee training at the Sultan pub at Waltham Abbey. I nearly walked over to see that pub as well but I couldn’t honestly be bothered as it was pouring with rain. I was sure that this pub was called the Moon Under Water, as other Wetherspoon pubs in London are, although the Moon element is from the same derivative, which is from George Orwell’s definition of a perfect pub.

Quite a warm and homely atmosphere inside, well, as far as these things go.

I don’t know of many Wetherspoon pubs with rugs on the wall, or tapestries, whatever they’re called.

And a lovely pint of Guinness, which was poured fine, it was just still cascading when I took this photo.

And a reasonably priced Chicken Jalfrezi curry club, costing just over £7 including the Guinness, all cooked as it should have been.

Service was fine, all efficient and friendly, quite a comfortable atmosphere and I was pleased by the number of power sockets as well. Anyway, onto their TripAdvisor reviews….

“Came in tonight to have dinner and had to wait over 45 mins to get my curry. I know they make big pots of curry so as to why it took do long heaven only knows as it was not even a busy night…..”

One person complaining earlier in the year about curry club. Although, they really don’t make big pots of it, it’s microwaved and heavily portion controlled. Which is just fine with me, as long as it tastes good, I’m not after an authentic Indian experience here.

“[I left] after calling them ‘ignorant pigs’. I tried to report it to there head office but they were totally unresponsive to my complaint & totally unintrested neadless to say that we shall Never go there again”.

One pleased customer who was upset that the staff didn’t respond nicely enough when they told them that their food wasn’t there yet. I’m not surprised that the Head Office ignored anyone who called their staff “ignorant pigs”….. I do like a bit of drama like this though.

I can’t, if I’m being honest, remember anything of this pub from 2004 (including seemingly even its name), although it’s fair to say that I’ve been in more than a few during the intervening period. Price wise, it’s excellent value for money, and fortunately it wasn’t too busy. All very lovely.