Vilnius – Kitchen

For anyone wanting to find Kitchen, a restaurant in Vilnius, it’s through that door and up the stairs. Located in a courtyard, they haven’t over-indulged with the signage, but they do have a menu board on the main street.

A friendly server welcomed me and I mentioned that I wanted a table for one. I was offered a choice of a table inside, or the sole table on the outside balcony. This looked rather exciting, so I went for the balcony option.

That’s the view of the church opposite the restaurant. The balcony really is a wonderful way of people watching. Well, watching people on the road, as I obviously couldn’t see anyone in the restaurant since I was outside and they were all inside.

Free water and bottled water supplied, not something that I think is routine in Vilnius.

The tastes of New York. Actually, New York probably doesn’t taste nice, if it has a particular flavour. But I like this brewery.

Fishcakes often have a slightly irritating texture where the potato is overwhelming and it’s all too mushy. These were generously filled with fish, they were well seasoned and had a rather satisfying taste. The side salad was a little strong on leaves, something that is more than common in the UK. However, it didn’t mention salad on the menu, so I could hardly complain. I am rather ashamed to say I don’t know what the sauce was, but it was smooth, and seemed to be some sort of avocado Aioli.

Since I was only here for a light meal, albeit one which turned into three courses, I opted for a feta and chicken salad. The chicken was moist, succulent and again well seasoned. I liked the slab of feta under the warm chicken, which seemed authentic and not some cheap replica under a different name. Again a little heavy on the salad leaves, but the orange, grapes and onions added additional texture and flavour.

I was rather content sitting on the balcony, so I thought that I’d go with dessert and this is the cheesecake with lingonberries. The bottom of the cheesecake was quite heavy, but the flavour of the lingonberries (or what I assume are lingonberries) was rich.

The toilets seemed rather grand, as you went in what looks like a normal toilet door to be confronted with another door in front of the toilet itself. Very plush, and I’m not sure how useful.

Service was attentive throughout and I wasn’t forgotten about out on the balcony. There were a small group who meandered out to take photos of the church, but I didn’t shoo them away from my new dining area.

The meal was relatively expensive as I’d gone to a restaurant in the main central area of Vilnius and didn’t go for the set menu option which would have been cheaper. It came to around £16.50, which I felt was reasonable for three courses, a beer and the free bread.