Vilnius – Bookafe

It’s called Bookafe, so I was sold simply by the cafe’s name.

There are lots of books in the cafe, giving it a relaxing and rather cosy atmosphere, although I was the only customer in there. Given that it was lunch-time, I was a little surprised how quiet it was.

As the cafe was quiet, I thought I’d boost their takings with a slice of caramel cheesecake and a latte. It’s a different presentation of a latte, but it works taste-wise, as the coffee runs through the steamed milk. The cake was rich, which was to be expected, had a pleasant taste and seemed fresh.

The service was friendly and the staff member spoke perfect English, although that isn’t particularly rare in Vilnius. There was an ice cream counter and outdoor seating which would combine to be a rather lovely experience in the summer, but somewhat less so during the middle of October.

The cake and latte cost around £3.50, perfectly reasonable for the centre of Vilnius.