Tucson – Kettle Restaurant

As I had arrived in Tucson early in the morning, and it was getting quite hot, I decided to start walking to the hotel to drop my bag off. I thought I’d get lunch opposite the hotel, at a buffet restaurant called Kettle. The reviews were a little mixed, but the prices were low and it was a convenient location. It’s quite a large restaurant, although it was relatively empty when I visited.

The restaurant has picked up some complaints about these paper placemats. I didn’t personally feel they were out of place in an independent type of restaurant such as this.

A rather blurry photo, but the seating was mostly in booths and there was a choice between the buffet selection and the standard items on the menu. I went for the buffet option and I liked how the friendly staff member suggested I went to look at it first before deciding.

Chicken wings, chips, olives and cucumber.  With some green beans as they seemed to have a lot of them. It was perfectly adequate, although obviously not of the high standard that I experience at Greggs.

I’m not usually a huge fan of ribs, but this tasted fine, although was ridiculously messy.

This photo is blurred because I had managed to get sauce (see last photo) all over my phone, smearing the back. Chicken legs, chicken nuggets and tomatoes. With more green beans. Again, it was filling and acceptable.

Dessert, a selection of fruit and pre-made cakes. The cakes were a little dry, and had probably been on display the previous evening, but tasted OK. The entire buffet and a soft drink cost around £7.50, which was a reasonable price for lunch.

The staff at the restaurant were friendly and keen to help, with the atmosphere being relaxed. The diner type environment was clean, although in need of some modernisation, and it’s a restaurant which is open 24 hours a day. I wouldn’t say that the restaurant was exceptional, but it felt like the reliable sort of dining option that locals and visitors would be confident in visiting.