Trier – St. Anthony’s Church

This church was a little bit of a mystery, as it was marked as either not existing on Google or as closed on some other sites. TripAdvisor reviews also suggested that the church was closed outside of mass times, and so visiting it seemed rather unlikely.

There was a sign outside saying that visits were possible at mass, but since access seemed possible I did what Jonathan would do and wandered on in. Since I didn’t see anyone during my visit, I wasn’t quite sure what their intentions were, but the doors were lodged open, so I’m sure it was meant to be open.

I couldn’t find out much about this church’s construction, but from the side it looked like there have been numerous extensions over the years. Indeed, I can’t really post much of interest at all about this church given the lack of information that I’ve found….

The beautiful nave. I’m still puzzled as to how little information there is about this church on-line, but there were two photos inside the church which show how ornate the interior was before the Second World War, and how plain it was afterwards. So, I can only assume that it suffered serious bomb damage during the conflict.

The rather ornate pulpit.

Sculptures around the walls of the nave.

The organ at the rear of the church.

These were inside the main door of the church, with most of the individuals (although not all) having died during the wall. One day I’ll work out more about this church….