Trier – Chicken Lounge

Located near to Trier railway station is this well reviewed restaurant which specialises in just serving chicken. Which sounds a marvellous concept to me.

Clean and clear branding.

I was the only customer when I entered the restaurant, although it got busier throughout the lunch-time period. The staff member was pro-active and helpful, speaking excellent English. The interior of the restaurant was clean and organised, with menus readily available.

The food seemed freshly cooked, it was well presented and the exterior of the chicken wasn’t greasy, it had been well drained. The chicken was all tender and crispy, with a satisfying taste on the batter. The chips were well salted and firm on the exterior, with the coleslaw being of a reasonable quality, and the curry sauce having a depth of taste.

The restaurant didn’t accept either of my cards which are currency free, something I haven’t seen in Germany for a while, although it used to be a problem finding locations which accepted Mastercard. So, I paid with cash, and I noted that I was short-changed by €1. I’ll put it entirely down to an inadvertent error and I didn’t query it as I was going to give the staff member the same amount as a tip anyway, although I left feeling just a little aggrieved.

Anyway, the quality of the food was above average, the staff member was friendly and the location was clean, so it deserves its high ratings. They also seem to do quite a lot of takeaway and delivery orders judging from customers who came in and also from reading reviews of the restaurant.