Torun – Restauracja Pueblo

I haven’t had Mexican food for a couple of months and this restaurant in central Torun was well reviewed, so it got the honour (well, misfortune really) of having me as a customer.

The lunch-time menu, I went for the two-course 22zl option, plus a large Pepsi, totalling 25zl, so just under £5.

The decor in the restaurant didn’t quite remind me of being back in Mexico or the south of the USA, but it was fun, creative and comfortable.

The complimentary nachos and dip.

The creamy black bean soup with sour cream and crunched up nachos. It was at the appropriate hot temperature, had a richness of taste and the nachos added some texture to the dish. Actually, entirely fine and a nice starter.

The tortilla with grilled chicken breast, served with salad and rice. Again, all at the appropriate temperature and the portion size was fine, especially given the price. The tortilla wasn’t tightly wrapped, but the chicken in it was tender and moist, the jalapenos added heat and texture, with the cheese adding flavour. The salsa, salad and rice were all fine, complementing each other well. Again, this was a decent dish and was good value for money. The dish wasn’t as spicy as it perhaps could have been, but I didn’t order the spiciest option on the menu and I did have that choice.

Overall, this was marvellous value for money, with the service being attentive, polite and welcoming. Everything was brought over promptly, I was never rushed and the restaurant was clean and comfortable. I can imagine that this is a popular destination in the evenings for groups and parties, but at lunch-times, it’s an affordable food option which I’d certainly have again. In terms of authentic cuisine, it wasn’t a million miles off (although the salad wasn’t quite there), a perfectly credible display of Mexican cooking for a Polish city.