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Random Posts – Tigh na Leigh and Four in a Bed

I don’t watch much television, as I’m normally stuck walking in some field or have accidentally diverted to some pub, but I remain surprised why some couples go on programmes as Four in a Bed with such a hugely risky strategy of marking everyone else down. This week’s debacle involved the owners of Tigh na Leigh managing to savagely underpay their rivals and led to everyone else storming out. It makes for good television, and I like a drama, but it can’t be pleasant to now have to live through that for years.

An otherwise seemingly perfectly run B&B with excellent reviews, an impeccable web-site and no now social media as they’ve had to delete it given the debacle. And although TripAdvisor and the like have removed the hotel’s fake negative reviews, the programme will be broadcast again in the future, and it’ll all happen again. I don’t envy the owners…