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Random Beer Post – Verdant Cheeky DIPA


I haven’t had a beer post for a while, so here’s one for a bit of variety. I want to keep my two loyal readers entertained and fulfilled.

This is the Verdant Brewing Cheeky DIPA, a collaboration with Green Cheek Beer Co. Note the beautiful food pairing that I arranged, but more importantly, this 8.4% Double IPA really is quite decadent. Dank, rich, packed with fruity flavour, hoppy, clean, smooth, subtle, full bodied and really quite elegant, this is Verdant (and Green Cheek from the United States) at their best. Green Cheek are in Orange County in California, so next time I visit my friend Alexis in that grand state, then maybe I can pop along there to check matters out.

Anyway, I thought I’d record just how good this IPA was. Not cheap, but worth it and it’s no surprise that it’s so well rated on Untappd. Back to my usual posts now….