Peterborough – Ostrich Inn

Nearly knocked down a few years ago, this pub was saved only by city councillors who ignore the council planners. They were right to do so in my opinion, this pub was once frequented by Charlie Chaplin when he was performing nearby and Peterborough should be respectful of its heritage.

For a while the pub lost its historic name of the Ostrich, but fortunately it has been restored. It was a little ridiculous to have changed the name since it had been known as the Ostrich since at least the 1840s, and during the Victorian period it also appears to have been used as a hotel.

This is a brave piece of lighting to be located in the middle of a pub, but it does strangely fit in, I like it.

I hadn’t seen the blackboard with the beers on when I went to order, but seeing this pump-clip was enough to know that I wanted it. The beer was sweeter than I expected, but there was a flavour of rum and chocolate, an intriguing combination. Reading some reviews on-line this beer isn’t quite as popular as I think it should be though….

And the beer list which I noticed after having ordered… The clear division between craft beer and cask beer is helpful, it’s often not obvious in pubs. Although I’m becoming more and more interested in craft beer, so I’m more than happy with both.

The service was efficient and although there were no staff members visible when I entered, a customer helpfully went off to find her for me. All friendly and helpful, the atmosphere was clean and comfortable as well.