Peterborough – Bewiched

On my voyage of discovery I thought that I’d visit a few of the coffee shops in Peterborough. This was especially challenging in this case, as look at the little piece of utopia to the right of this coffee shop. I did very well to resist accidentally going to Greggs……

Not particularly busy, although the service was engaging and the team members seemed to know most of the customers who did come in. It was all quite homely and warm, with a Christmas tree adding a festive edge to the proceedings.

The coffee was decent, with a pleasant and rich flavour, and there was an attempt at some coffee art. There didn’t seem to be any exciting cakes or sausage rolls at the counter though, so I managed to resist the temptation there. I was still slightly in shock that I wasn’t in Greggs to be honest though.

The prices were reasonable and I was given a loyalty card, although I’m not sure that I’ll ever hit the twelve required drinks to get my free coffee. Twelve does seem rather high and not that I’m thinking about Greggs, but they only need you to get to six….