Old Catton

Old Catton – St. Margaret’s Church (GH Scott)

This is mostly a useless blog post (as so many of mine are to be fair….) because I’ve managed to find out nothing about this individual. I’m slightly reassured that I can see two other people have tried, and have equally managed to uncover absolutely nothing that isn’t on the gravestone.

So, all I have is that Senior Aircraftman GH Scott, service number 4062634, of the Royal Air Force died on 14 May 1953 at the age of 20. The date of his death means that many records haven’t gone to genealogical sites yet, with RAF records from the Second World War still being with the Ministry of Defence, let along those who died afterwards. This was probably a death of someone who died during their training, rather than through a plane crash or major incident.

One day, I’ll find out who it was, or if anyone knows, I can correct the record….