Nashville – Puckett’s

I went to this grocery restaurant (it used to be a grocery store and they’re played on that theme), because it was well reviewed and it also seemed quite quirky. They had a lunch offer of a salad and then a main of two different meats, along with two sides and I went for the onion rings and fries. I’m quite predictable like that.

The pre-starter was a local dark beer and although this was before the time that I became obsessive about noting what craft beers I drank, I recall it was rich and went well with the main course.

I had thought that the salad included in the lunch deal option, which cost in total around €10, was a little side salad rather than served as a separate starter. I remember there was a choice of dressing and I also recall that this was the honey mustard dressing as it was insanely moreish. It even made the salad taste decent, and salad isn’t designed to taste nice…..

Beautifully tender meats (not that I can recall what they were, but I’m guessing I would have ordered chicken and pork) with the onion rings being the star of this little show.

There’s a daily cobbler served and as far as I’m concerned, the best thing that can be put under a crumble are either peaches or blackberries. Since it was peach cobbler available as their daily special, I went for that and it was delicious.

The grocery theme is visible within the restaurant and during the evenings there’s frequently live music played on the stage. It was a large restaurant that was busy, but the staff were helpful and they were willing to explain the menu concepts to me and there was a relaxed feel to the proceedings. The prices weren’t too bad at all, especially since I had the lunch deal, although I probably didn’t need the dessert that I ordered. All in all, very lovely.