Micro-Adventures (Norwich)

Unfortunately, the whole lockdown thing has meant that Nathan and I haven’t made much progress with our GeoGuessr project. That’s picking a random place using GeoGuessr and then just going there using public transport, wherever in the UK that place might be. The aim is less the destination, more the journey. We’ve only done two, but the idea of finding a story anywhere has worked out so far.

Since I can’t go very far at the moment, that reminds me that I should try something vaguely similar by walking (no needless travel during lockdown….) to some places that I’ve been meaning to go for a while. And then seeing if I can possibly find a story from the journey there, which might be pushing it, but we’ll see how we go. If I can’t, the story will entirely be about the destination.

With the help of the listed building map, I’ve found these scheduled monuments and/or listed buildings. My plan is to walk to these separately over the next few weeks, so:

(i) Old Lakenham Parish Church (hence why there’s a screenshot of Lakenham as the image….)

(ii) Earlham Cemetery

(iii) Remains of St. Bartholomew’s Church

(iv) Boundary Cross on Drayton Road + Standing Cross at St. Mary’s, Hellesdon

(v) Intwood Church

(vi) Cringleford Bridge

(vii) Tumuli at Eaton Heath

I had wanted to visit a Saxon cemetery, Second World War listening post and other sites that were scheduled monuments, but they seem inaccessible without straying off footpaths. And I don’t want to be doing that just at the moment…

I’ll come back to this page and link these walks in when I’ve done them (and they may be incredibly boring, but there we go…..).