March – Public Toilets

As far as public toilets can have an architectural interest, these look quite charming in the middle of the town.

Well, they did, until Fenland District Council mauled them about and made them chargeable. This decision was made in 2011, when a review of toilets saw the council spending £500,000 on overhauling their toilets in a bid to save £60,000 per year. I’m not entirely sure that these sums really add up, even given the £15,000 the toilets were meant to raise across the region. So it takes the best part of a decade just for the council to end up where they were financially, having caused huge inconvenience (excuse the pun) to residents and visitors over that period. Marvellous.

Although, on the bright side, these toilets fared better than those on City Road in the town, which March Town Council closed in mid-2018. A councillor said that on one day it looked like “a herd of elephants had been through them”….